About Shift Your Time

What is Time Shifting?

If I gave you a time machine, do you think you’d get more done? Heck yes, you would get more done. When you Time Shift, your agenda isn’t dictated by the phone calls and emails that can so easily distract you. Your communication can work for you, on your schedule, when you have the mental energy available to process it.

Hi, I’m Robert Hartline, founder of Shift Your Time and CEO of several successful companies.

Why am I so passionate about shifting your time?

Time is our most precious, non-renewable resource, and without the right tools in place, we can wind up wasting too much of it. Unfortunately, the current resources available leave much to be desired when it comes to the subject alternative ways to communicate with one another.

As a result, based on the wisdom gleaned from my personal experience of leading an organization of four hundred people and starting five different businesses over the last twenty years, I created a tool to share this strategy with others who desire to multiply their free time by effortlessly unlocking the power of one-to-one and group communication.

Now I have the freedom to live six months a year in Uvita, Costa Rica and the rest in Nashville, TN enjoying authentic quality time with my family while seamlessly continuing to grow my enterprise.

Next Steps

I’m sure you would agree that the best way to embrace change is with forward thinking and organized planning. When you’re ready to upgrade your communication and make Marco Polo your go-to platform, my team will be here to work with you every step of the way to provide a streamlined process that will respect your time and eliminate your stress.